If you’re just starting out with vinyls, you’re probably wondering about which record player to get. You’re not alone — people often ask about the turntables that we use for our reviews. After all, for accurate critiques, you have to listen to a record at its best by using good players, right? And indeed we do, and we would like to share what we use with you.

However, since we are already long time audiophiles, what we use maybe too advanced and expensive for beginners. So as an alternative, we recommend the best record player under 100 that’s featured here. Reviews of options in other price ranges are also there, so you’ll likely find a turntable that matches your budget. But if you have cash to spend, get the Audio Technica AT-LP1240-USB instead.

The Music Reviewer’s Choice

When reviewing vinyl records, we only use the Audio Technica AT-LP1240-USB. We tell you why below, after this quick run down of its specifications:

  • Drive Type — Direct
  • Tonearm — S-shaped, manual
  • In-built Phono Preamp — Present
  • Reverse Play — Capable
  • USB Interface — Present
  • Supported Record Types — 78s, 45s, 33s
  • iPod Dock — None

Sounds Good, Plays Even Better

Simply put, the AT-LP1240-USB sounds good.

The AT-LP1240-USB also has a ton of other features you can play with. For one, it can spin old 78s records aside from the usual 33s and 45s. It also has a USB interface that lets you copy your vinyl records to a computer. Hence, whether you’re listening to the past or preserving your collection for the future, the AT-LP1240-USB has got you covered.

The features doesn’t end there though.

With the AT-LP1240-USB, you also have a huge array of controls at your disposal. Some of these controls are: pitch buttons (which has a slider with just the right resistance), reverse play, multiple start / stop buttons, a chords lock button, brake or start adjustment knobs, target lights (one of which is removable), and so on. Because of these features, the AT-LP1240-USB is also popular among DJs.

Scratch that Itch For Vinyl Records

The AT-LP1240-USB has all the features that a novice would need to get started with vinyls. It also has all the extra features that will satisfy the future audiophile in you. It will cost more from the get-go, but you won’t likely need to upgrade it anytime soon. But if you prefer to take it easy at first, there are also cheap yet good options out there. Either way, start scratching your itch for vinyl records now!